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AppliCad works very hard through each of it's branch offices, to ensure that all our customers are getting the best that they possibly can from our software. After all, if the software isn't working for you, then it is not making money for you. Here is just a small sample of some of the great feedback we get from our customers.

Supplying software to roofing businesses in 37 countries also means that we get the best input from so many people. "How many ways to roof a building...?"


Just ask our customers and friends .......


“AppliCad’s worldwide experience definitely shows through in its product and their customer service.  AppliCad software has to be the most complete package on the market for roofers today.  With its fully integrated 3D CAD program, I can draw all my details and structures.  In many respects, you don’t know how good this AppliCad product is until you use it.   AppliCad is the best thing I have done for my business in years.”

Yury Lysenko
Managing Director
Clix Steel Profiles AB

"The advanced functions of the AppliCad software simply CRUSHES all other products on the market."

Shawn Martin
Performance Roofing Associates
Exton, PA

"Outstanding software for the metal roofing industry."

TJ Dunhoft
Una-Clad by Firestone
Union, KY

"Last year I invested in AppliCad's Roof Wizard program. My turnover increased just 15%. This year I am using it a whole lot better, my turnover has increased by 25% over the year before! I attribute all of that growth to my use of Roof Wizard - I respond to customer's quicker, I am accurate with my quotations and they love the great presentation of the quotation. I am indeed grateful for what AppliCad has done for my business."

Jeff Finigan
Hat's for Houses

“I’ve been chasing you guys down for at least seven years. Now that I see the potential that your software has to offer, I feel foolish for not acting sooner”

Craig Junker
River Roofing
Bend OR

"Hi Guys,

"Your software is awesome. Your product definitely works for us.
Thank you."

Nish Gandhi

The copy of an email from one of our customers in Africa to one of our competitors:




Name Withheld


"Thank you for such a great software. It speeds up the bidding process and it's very accurate."

George Hart
American Roofing & Metal Co

"Stratco is a successful manufacturer and marketer of sheet metal products. Incorporated in South Australia in 1949, the group now has manufacturing facilities though-out Australia and New Zealand. The company has built a solid reputation by offering quality products at competitive prices and backed this with excellent service.

A key product in the extensive Stratco range is Steel Roof Sheeting. This product is fully supported by a complete range of roofing accessories. A key marketing initiative in the promotion of this product group is "Plan take-off service" for the Housing Industry as well as the Owner Builder market. Initially undertaken manually by a competent team of estimators, the group has progressed through the early years of computer technology to today where it uses the popular Applicad "Roof Wizard" package.

From the very first version "Roof Wizard V2.0" up to the current "5.1" version Stratco have benefited from this technology, enabling it to out perform its competitors in providing fast, accurate and professionally presented quotations. Not only has Roof Wizard assisted in significantly reducing the time to provide a quotation but is has enabled comprehensive record keeping and costing data.

AppliCad, like Stratco, have built their business by providing excellent customer service both in problem solving and awareness of, and training in, software improvements. We commend AppliCad for the Roof Wizard product and look forward to further development which will assist us in building our business and achieving our motto "Stratco, At you Service".

See more about Stratco on www.stratco.com.au

"Accurate, efficient and easy to use."

Roger Tan
BlueScope Lysaght Sabah Sdn Bhd
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

"I am a Roofing Estimator with 30 years experience having learnt my Plumbing Trade with the SA school of Plumbing. For 15 years I had been manually estimating all types of roofs using a scale ruler and a calculator. It was a very time consuming process, but over the years I became very proficient.

I started using a computer programme for estimating 10 years ago with limited success until I learned of Roof Wizard. This was version 2.1 and found it back then to be accurate and easy to use. From those early days to the latest version 5.1, (which I believe to be the best upgrade yet) I have used the software exclusively and have found the time taken overall in the generation of quotes to be 30 % less with almost 85 % of house roofs to be calculated with ease, and more difficult roofs to be accomplished with a little ingenuity.

The company's back-up and customer support I believe is second to none and with continual committment to improvement of their software I look forward to a long lasting relationship with the company and their software."

Yours Sincerely    
John Illman

"I do some of the most complex cut-up roofs in the state. With AppliCad's help, we get there. AppliCad's customer service is absolutely second to none, thanks to the AppliCad team."

Tim Hamilton,
Hamilton Roofing, SE Queensland

"It's not the easy jobs you lose your shirt on, it's the difficult ones. In the short time I have been using the program, I've done 52 quotes with the system - I got orders for 52 jobs. I am winning with the accuracy and the high quality presentations. AppliCad's Roof Magician does it for me!"

Greg Smith,
Bairnsdale Brick and Tile

"In this industry, where margins are so tight, we cannot afford to have inaccurate bids reducing our profit margins. With the significant cost savings from accurate quotations, my AppliCad software has paid for itself many times over.”

Dale Bowles,
Managing Director
Maroondah Roofing

"It's very helpful in really complex roofs with a hip/valley configuration. As a tool for doing estimating, it will do virtually anything you want. It's tight figuring saves us money by avoiding waste."

Mike Ross
Rooftec Systems, Jacksonville, FL

"Just a short note to thank you for such outstanding customer service on your Roof Magician program. I am extremely impressed by the patience and persistance you show when I need help with any problems that may occur, or advice on 'how to'. We now do all our tiled roof quotes through Roof Magician and find it save us over 50% on time normally taken to do a manual roof quote."

Sue Palmer
ACP Roofing

"We have been in close contact with AppliCad regarding the software. There has always been a steady rate of improvement made by AppliCad to the software. These improvements has also always been considered by you to work in with what we require, which is appreciated.
Looking forward to knowing how Steve is going with the latest improvements.
Being able to estimate Roof Battens has improved our sales."

Brian Jepson
JH Stephenson and Son Pty Ltd

"Roof Wizard has been a great asset to our Company. I still have many applications to learn and believe that when these skills are gained, Roof Wizard will help us even more.

One thing for certain. I would not like to have to go back to manual estimating after working with Roof Wizard."

Leon Pittard
Steeline Roofing Centre - South East

"With Roof Wizard I was winning all my quotes hands down until my opposition got a copy of the software too. Now I've gotta fight to win the order."

Name withheld to prevent other competitors finding out about how we do it.

"A complete roof or fascia/gutter take-off can be prepared while the customer waits (5-10 minutes), which customers are very impressed by.
AppliCad is also very efficient in reponding to issues and suggestions with the software. Updates are sent via mail or email depending on their urgency."

Craig Skipsey
JJ Steelworks

"Being new to the estimating business, Roof Wizard has been extremely helpful to teach and remind me of things that are normally forgotton, ie. screws, clips, rivets...
Using Roof Wizard has allowed me to be more accurate when measuring the roof area of multi-section and multi-slope roofs. It has also helped me to be more accurate in bidding the number of screws and clips needed for a job (no guess work). Roof Wizard is able to tell me the exact number of panels and the lengths of those panels for each section of the roof. It will also tell me the exact lengths of flashings and other trim needed to complete the job."

Tracy Giese
Moore Metals - USA

The Principle of Helping Customers

All our customers are important. Size of the business is not an issue, nor the number of operators. When you invest in AppliCad software you have made one of the most important investments in your business. The customer service team know that and accept the responsibility to you to help make it a productive tool in your business.

Call us if you need help. That is what we're here for.